Welcome to our summer program

31 May - 31 October 2019

Experience the soil

"The Living Soil" is a free exhibition about our living soil, degradation from agriculture and what we can do to restore our soils.

Be inspired

Join the conversation on soil as the basis for life. A monthly series for inspiration and dialogue.

Think along

A series of interactive conferences to accelerate the restoration of our soils.

Did you know that more than 90% of our food comes from the soil?!

In addition to this important role, our soil is also crucial for filtering drinking water, storing carbon and it is a basis for materials and medicines. Did you know that in one teaspoon of healthy soil there are up to 1 billion bacterias, several meters of fungal threads, several thousand protozoa and dozens of nematodes?

Under our feet there is a whole world that forms the basis of the food we eat, and only when we look properly can we see that the soil is alive!

We invite you to discover what lives under our feet in the soil, and why it is important for the future of our food system. Join the Summer of Soil events!

What is Summer of Soil?

The Summer of Soil is a summer programme about our living soil that takes place between 31 May and 31 October at the Fruittuin van West in Amsterdam. Building from the Swedish Summer of Soil in 2013 and the International Year of Soil in 2015, we invite you this summer to the free experience exhibition “The Living Soil”, a series of inspiring lectures, ending with a summer congress!

The Living Soil – Fruittuin Van West
An interactive exhibition for all ages with different installations about what soil is, why we care about soil, the historical use of soil at the Fruittuin, and why the Netherlands needs to react quickly to the declining quality of the soil. The exhibition will take you first through a ‘soil tunnel’, geologically lead you through the orchid to a barefoot path to tread on different types of soil, and a composting experiment! There will also be a pop-up soil shop of what we can do.

Soil Series – Fruittuin Van West
Spend the last Friday night in the month this summer learning more about the soil, with influential speakers and intentional discussions in what we can do.

This summer allow yourself to explore numerous possibilities to join a growing group of “soil-conscious” consumers and pioneers, delve into specific soil-improving techniques and ideas and to jointly speed up the transition to a regenerative agriculture! All in the Fruittuin setting around the camp fire, with a pizza and connecting with others. Summer of soil wants to bring people together and provide a space for these conversations to happen, so join us!

Check out our programme page for more information.

Everyone is welcome! The exhibition is both in Dutch and English, lectures will be multilingual as we are an international team.